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​To ensure the authenticity of our campaign, we share all mailers on our website, with a link on the mailer itself. If you received a mailer that does not have this code, or does not link back to a page at, it was distributed without authorization. This allows us to ensure that any material you receive from our campaign was indeed from our campaign.

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Through the course of my campaign, I have met many constituents, colleagues, and friends, and I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and listen to so many people. However, the photographs on this mailer are not meant to imply endorsement of my candidacy.

I believe that every constituent deserves a representative who will listen to their concerns and fight for their interests, regardless of whether they support my candidacy or not. If elected, I will be a representative for all of the people in District 10, and I will work hard to earn the trust and support of everyone in the district.

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